Your help needed.

Your Faith Needs You To Demonstrate Faith Co-operation and Collaboration
Please can you help look after displays (boards and a TV Screen) in the Town Centre for a minimum of one hour on one of the following days. Your friends and colleagues will also be welcome.
Saturday 9th June Wednesday 13th June Friday 15th June Between 11am and 3pm
Please ring Tel 838555 or email Or Tel: 458383
indicating the day and hour you can help. Please do this asap .
If anyone would be willing to help at the Family Sports Day on Wednesday 20th June 4pm-7pm, in Queen’s Park, please contact Bea Foster 07875517043
Churches Together In Central Burnley have given £100 to help buy the prizes for the school competitions. If anyone or any organisation would like to donate to the costs of a celebration activity please contact the numbers or emails above or send it to Sandra Fishwick BBB Office 2 Clegg Street Burnley, BB10 1AX Sponsors/Donations will be acknowledged
To help in any other way see the contacts in publicity leaflets in faith buildings, libraries and community centres.


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