CAFOD Rio Connection

The Rio Connection

What kind of future would you like to see? Business as usual – or a greener, fairer world? If you care about poverty, water and climate change, then take action now before world leaders meet at the Rio+20 summit in June.

This is our chance to let our elected representatives know that poverty and climate change are still vitally important – and to encourage them to take a lead in creating a greener, fairer economy that benefits all. What’s happening? Read more below


What’s happening?

This year marks 20 years on from the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janiero, Brazil. On 20-22 June, government representatives from around the world, including Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, will meet at the ‘Rio+20’ summit. They will discuss how the world can develop sustainably and how to bring about a greener, fairer global economy.

The Rio Declaration

The UK should lead the world in the transition to a fair and green economy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and creating jobs and opportunities to reduce poverty and inequality here and overseas. The Rio+20 summit is an important milestone for this ambition, and the UK should engage constructively, with a view to uniting governments across the world behind a vision for a global green and fair economy which benefits all people.

We must lead by example at home by delivering on the commitments in our groundbreaking Climate Change Act whilst showing international leadership to increase the EU’s 2020 climate targets. At the same time we must help the world’s poorest communities adapt to the effects of climate change, invest in getting clean energy to all people, and protect rainforests.

Why does it matter?

The summit isn’t about just one issue, it’s a chance for world leaders to debate everything from renewable energy to deforestation, ocean protection to urbanisation – and to come up with plans for a better future.

It’s also a chance for poor communities to have their say, including organisations that CAFOD works with in Brazil who will be attending the summit.

And it’s a chance for us to let our elected representatives know that climate change and poverty are still crucially important issues.

What do we want?

As part of the Stop Climate Chaos coalition, we’re asking MPs to urge the UK government to take a lead in getting governments across the world behind a vision for a global green and fair economy which benefits all.

What more can I do?

Email your MPask your MP to support the Rio declaration >

Meet your MP check the map to find an event near you >

Put on your own event download an organiser’s guide and other resources >


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What kind of future do you want to see? Take action for a greener, fairer world – call on your MP to support the Rio Connection.

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Published on 03/04/2012, last updated on 23/05/2012
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