Women’s Inter-Faith Pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

A Women’s Inter-Faith Pilgrimage which recently returned from the Holy
Land had the backing of Building Bridges in Burnley. Eleven Christian
ladies and eleven Muslim ladies were accompanied by Afrasiab Anwar,
coordinator of the Burnley and Pendle Faith Centre and Fr Michael
Waters, parish priest of St. John the Baptist, Burnley. Everyone paid
for their own travel and accommodation expenses at the Ecce Homo
Convent on the Via Dolorosa in the Muslim Quarter of the Old City..
Bea Foster, leader of the women’s group, said, “ Our intention was to visit
the Holy Places together, to learn more about the three Abrahamic
faiths and so to increase our mutual understanding in Burnley.
Muslims joined with Christians to see the birth place of the Lord Jesus in
Bethlehem, his home in Nazareth and Capernaum and in following the
Stations of the Cross to the Holy Sepulchre.
Christians were privileged to be invited to visit inside the Dome of the Rock, the site of the
Holy of Holies for Jews and the place of the Night Journey of the
prophet Muhammad and to enter the Al Aqsa  mosque, the third holiest
place for Muslims.”
The British Consul General in Jerusalem, Sir Vincent Fean, born in Burnley and a former pupil of St Theodore’s High school, and his wife Lady Anne joined the pilgrims for dinner one evening. He explained the political complexities for Israelis and
Palestinians be they Jews, Christians or Muslims. A group of women from a Pax Christi group in Bethlehem shared their stories about the effectof the Separation Wall on their daily lives and then entertainedeveryone with music, song and dance.
There is an open invitation to share the experiences of the pilgrims at the Faith Centre, Burnley
Campus, Barden Lane, BB10 1JB at 7.00pm.on Tuesday 12th March.
details telephone: Fr. Michael Waters 01282 423824; Afrasiab Anwar
009552; Mrs. Bea Foster 07875 517043

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