CAFOD Emmaus Meal here at St John’s

This week saw a CAFOD Emmaus Meal of the North East CAT here at  St John’s. Participants were welcomed with a cup of tea, music from Bangladesh  and El Salvador and a vague smell of curry coming from the kitchen.  On entering the room where the event was to take place they found tables set for a meal but instead of cutlery there was an opening prayer.

Jackie Hindle South welcomed everyone and outlined the evening, saying that the evening would mirror the journey on the road to Emmaus. After the opening prayer,  a power point was shown stressing how 1 in 8  people go hungry everyday. Then in groups everyone  sat around the tables and the focus was on individuals from Bangladesh and El Salvador. It  was a  good chance to hear about life in those countries especially for the group with Ann Marie Coppock, who was able to give first hand information on her visit there some years ago.

The groups were given a dish of food from their chosen country and then were invited to eat and break bread together. The all women group focusing on El Salvador thought this was a great experience to sit so closely together and share one plate. Case studies from each country were read as well as appropriate scripture.  After reflection and discussion the group leaders left the groups alone whilst they wrote a prayer for the communities they had heard about.  These prayers were included in the Intercessions nearing the end of the evening.

To finish the evening the groups were given a final task. As the followers of Jesus had broken bread with Him then dashed back to Jerusalem to tell everyone what they had seen so participants in the Emmaus Meal  were given a pack of CAFOD prayer cards to share with other people.

The evening closed with a prayer. 


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