Tour de Fred

CAFOD volunteer Fred Uttley from Padiham is getting ready for an epic cycle ride around England and Wales in order to raise awareness and, of course, money for the Hungry for Change Campaign.
Fred’s idea of a cycle ride for CAFOD has been picked up by CAFOD main office is now a national event. Fred will cycle to every diocese in England and Wales and events in the Cathedrals or CAFOD offices are planned. Parishes are being asked to hold fund raising events to support Fred in his journey. For example the churches in Padiham will be holding a static cycle ride. So ideas are needed for something here in St John’s.
Fred is also looking for people who may like to cycle part of the way with him, for example from the start point at Katherine House Salford to Leeds. He is also looking for support at the start and at the end, Salford Cathedral.

More information with dates and events soon or you can look on the CAFOD website to see Fred himself in a video and a map of the route.

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