Deanery Trip to the Holy Land.


Here is the Deanery Pilgrimage in Jerusalem, 13th to 20th January which visited, Bethlehem,
Nazareth, Caphernaum, Lake Galilee, the River Jordan, Jericho,
Jerusalem, the Home of Anna, Joachim and the child Mary, the Western
Wall, the Dome of the Rock, the Temple area where Jesus was presented
as a child and later taught his disciples, the Cenacle room of the Last
Supper and the Upper Room of Pentecost, the Garden of Gethsemane, the
Dome of the Ascension and the church of the Dormition of Our Lady. We
stayed in the Ecce Homo Convent run by the Sisters of Sion in the heart
of the Old City where the panorama from the roof top terrace gives a
wonderful view of domes, steeples and minarets across all the four
Quarters: Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Armenian. We prayed for all our
parishes at home and everyone who had asked for our prayers, especially
our nearest and dearest.
photo from Clifford Canty of the Deanery Group.

Fr. Michael

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