Flags fly for Father Michael.

Thank you to Karen Smith for the write up.

Flags flying, music ready, kettle on, guests arriving, sun shining to begin a special celebration with St John the Baptist’s parish family which was clearly enjoyed by all!

A mass in honour of our patron saint on the retirement of Fr Michael brought us together, as on, with a number of photos, accompanying the order of service, highlighting just some of our many achievements.

Visitors to our parish commented what a beautiful church we have and how they felt the warm welcome – well it was about 28 degrees; even the ukulele band got in on the act singing to one of our gang who is actually called Sunshine!

The secret collection we had was one of the few things that Fr Michael was unaware of during his time at St Johns enabling various gifts to be presented – one of a particular saucy nature (HP variety)?!

Fr Michael did comment on the demise of John the Baptist at the hands of King Herod stating he was glad he hadn’t encountered the same fate and so say all of us!

Looking at the list of parish priests Fr Michael is the second for length of service, has a godmother in America of 102 years old – so here’s to at least the next 27 years of Happy Retirement……!

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